Gertie is the peahen that follows me all over the zoo when I visit. She’s there to greet me when I visit the adorable flamingos, and sits beside me when I rest in Grandmother’s Porch. She leads the way past the lakeside exhibits and attempts to lure me into the vacated Bear Exhibit.

The OKC Zoo didn’t get rid of the bears, they gave them a much nicer place, with trees and ponds and toys, up along the Oklahoma Trails Exhibit.

Speaking of which, Gertie follows me along that path, too, but she gets impatient, and waits for me down in the snack pavilion. We are both disappointed that the River Bend Snack bar no longer serves giant soft pretzels or corndogs. She doesn’t go into the Canopy Cafe, so no more sharing bits of giant soft pretzel with her there. The Lakeside cafe still has corndogs, and I think she was more excited about that than I was!  She loves the cornbread bits so much she flies up to the trash cans and steals corndog sticks out of it. Because I don’t think the sticks are good for her, I trade her bits of real corndog for the stick and make sure the trash is secured so she can’t get into it for more sticks.

I know.  She probably hates me for that.

But she still follows me around anyway, so maybe she doesn’t hate me that much.




The flamingo eggs hatched!  IMG_6027

I missed it, of course, but the nesting flamingos are no longer nesting.


I’m not sure at this point how many eggs successfully hatched, but there were at least 4 eggs.

Also, the Sumatran Tiger had 3 cubs on July 13. Everyone was so excited about the tiger cubs that the flamingo hatching went unnoticed by patrons.

The peahens spread the news, though,


Gertie and her girls are just such gossips.  There’s not a thing that happens at the zoo that they don’t know and talk about!